Alloy Jewelry is a small jewelry business based in Montpelier, Vermont and was started in 2006 by Leah Jones.  After studying English and Studio Art at The University of Vermont, Leah began a career in publishing, always making jewelry for fun on the side.   She also works at Vermont College of Fine Arts coordinating the college's Novel Retreat and Postgraduate Writers' Conference.


Leah lives with her three rambunctious boys and her husband, who on occasion finds himself polishing jewelry. :) 

Life is about connection.  Words are our best tool for connecting . No matter how we differ from one another, we can read a bit of text or poem and feel connected to another person through the emotion evoked.


What rings true for you?  For some, it is a quote or a mantra — a kind of comfort song. For others, it is the name of a child, a spouse, a friend.


Each Alloy Jewelry piece begins with a story of its own. Designed Vermont studio scattered with quote journals collected over the years and from different seasons of our lives.  We tell your story as we live out ours.

It is our only hope that your Alloy Jewelry piece will serve as a reminder of your own strength, providing a way to both celebrate and physically experience it. Run your fingers along its cool grooves, and recommit to your words each and every time you wear it.

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