“You are the sky my spirit circles in.” -rumi

Connection. It’s our thing. As humans, it’s what our souls long for. Right now the world doesn’t present as many ways to connect with friends and family as much as any of us need. Remember we are all under the same sky. Separated for now, connected always.


Alloy Jewelry is a small jewelry business based in Montpelier, Vermont.   We are in the business of commemorating connections that you hold dear in your life. You may have us make matching bangles with a quote that signifies you and your best friend, or have us create a charm necklace to gift your sister on the birth of her first child.  Whatever the occasion and whoever the connection, we are here to make a piece of jewelry you will cherish.  

Leah Jones is the founder and head designer at Alloy Jewelry.  She has made countless pieces for customers over the years and her favorite part of it all is hearing the stories behind why someone is ordering a certain quote.  She would be happy to help you find the perfect style and quote for whoever it is you are buying for so please reach out if you need assistance.  She lives with her three rambunctious boys and her husband, who on occasion finds himself polishing jewelry. :) 

What helps you feel connected to your people?  What helps you feel connected to your life's path?


For some, it is a quote or a mantra — a kind of comfort song. For others, it is the name of a child, a spouse, a friend.


We aspire to create meaningful pieces that help you carry what is important with you in a simple, subtle, beautiful way.  Designed Vermont studio scattered with quote journals collected over the years and from different seasons of our lives. we tell your story as we live out ours.

It is our only hope that we will create something for you that will serve as a reminder of your own strength, providing a way to both celebrate and physically experience it. Run your fingers along its cool grooves, and recommit to your words each and every time you wear it. Give a matching piece to a friend as a way to commemorate your connection to each other.  Wear one yourself that has a quote no one else needs to know about.  Connect with yourself and with your loved ones in a beautiful way.

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